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Kristi Linsenmayer, DDS, MPH, MSD

Pediatric Dental Specialist

21 Jefferson Way, Suite 102

Ketchikan, Alaska 99901


Not all children can be treated in an office setting. Children who are overly nervous and active, or those who have behavioral or developmental difficulties may be candidates for hospital dentistry.


Dentistry can be performed in a hospital setting for certain conditions including:


Severe Anxiety

Cerebral Palsy


Behavioral Disorders

Physical Mobility Impairments

Special Needs

Down Syndrome

Complex Medical Disorders


There are also cases where a child may need extensive dental treatment. In these cases, it is often advisable to sedate a child with general anesthesia, putting them to sleep completely. When the child wakes, all treatment is complete, allowing the child an anxiety and pain-free visit.


Your child will receive a comprehensive examination at their first visit, and you and Dr. Kristi will be able to discuss any concerns you may have regarding future treatments for your child.

Our highest priority is to have your child treated in a safe and calm environment, meeting the needs of each individual child.